Lucky HECO event is live, fill in HECO address to draw NFT Mystery box! (First Phase)

>>>Event Description

Welcome to our mystery box event “Lucky Heco,” presented to you by Hecochain, plus various DApps and crypto artists. This is the first phase of “Lucky Heco.” Rare NFTs are waiting for you!

Event timeline: 2021/7/16 10:00–2021/7/21 16:00(UTC)

Click the form link to fill in the following information and participate in the NFT airdrop:

1.Enter your UID(an account id) of Huobi Global, Login the APP which could be seen from the upper left corner>>>

2.Enter your Heco address,HECO address creation tutorial>>>

>>>Event Timeline

  1. Please complete the information in form link before 2021/7/21 16:00(UTC)

2. Please check if you have won the NFT mystery box in our official website reward announcement on 2021/7/23(UTC). You will see the NFT airdrop in your Heco address of a wallet in the next 3 days.

>>>About NFT Mystery Box

The HECO NFT Mystery Box is actually composed of three types of NFTs: Crypto Art NFTs, Privilege NFTs, or Game Prop NFTs


All NFTs can be resold or trade except for the Privilege NFTs, as the privilege could not be transferred one by one;

The winning rate will be adjusted according to the actual number of participating addresses, and the above winning rates will be estimated according to 10,000 addresses.


About the Platform:

1. What are NFT Mystery Boxes, Privileged NFTs, and Prop Game Items?

NFT refers to Non-Fungible Token, and NFT Mystery boxes refers to the collection of various Non-Fungible tokens.

After winning Privilege NFTs, users can automatically obtain special rights and interests corresponding to each NFT.

After winning Game Props NFTs, users can operate and resell the NFTs in the game, Evolution Land.

After winning Crypto Art NFTs, users can resell them in iBox or hold onto them while the value appreciates.

2. What’s HECO?

HECO Chain is an EVM-compatible public chain with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment for DApps, smart contracts, and digital assets. The native digital asset of Huobi ecological chain is HT, which adopts the consensus mechanism of HPOS. For now, over 200 developers have joined HECO, with an average of 4 million+ transactions per day and 100,000 + active addresses per day.

3. What is Huobi global?

Huobi Global is a global blockchain asset financial services provider established in 2013 which have a wide range of services including assets exchange, trading, wallet, and storage.

4. What’s Filda?

FilDA is the first HECO-based cross-chain lending DeFi project which provides users with deposit, lending, and liquid mining services. It now supports lending for 20 types of assets, including HUSD and HBTC. Interest within FilDA can be obtained by depositing digital assets, and FilDA can be earned by lending digital assets.

5. What’s Evolution Land?

Evolution Land is a blockchain game that supports cross-chain virtual operation. Players can buy and sell land, mine in-game natural resources, develop buildings, make items, or have play-to-earn models available.

6. What’s iBox?

IBox ( is the world’s leading digital collection e-commerce platform, positioned for issuing and circulating high-end digital collectibles. Here, users can not only purchase NFT products, but also buy and sell in the secondary market.

7. Who is TKSX?

TKSX is the first NFT fashion brand in Asia. It was established in 2020. Since its establishment, the brand has signed hundreds of young artists. Artists cover graffiti, rap, tattoos, designer toys, ACGN and other fields. TKSX is committed to creating unique and valuable collections.

About the event:

1. How to participate in the event?

Click on the form link to participate

2. How do I know if I won the airdrop?

Please check if you have won the NFT Mystery box in the official website reward announcement on 2021/7/23(UTC). You will see the NFT airdrop in your Heco address of a wallet in the next 3 days. Then you can view that in the personal center of IBox , Evolution Land Land after binding your Heco wallet.

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