On April 23, 2021, xNFT Protocol cooperated with “Larva” to promote the digital transformation of “Larva” in the field of card games. IP digitization (NFT) is the core business area and objective of the xNFT Protocol. This cooperation will extend the development path of traditional video entertainment games and reexamine and reposition the digital visualization and ownership transfer scenario of IP.

“Larva” is a globally top-level short animation series. It is full of creative ideas and fun, and has merged music, action, the positive and optimistic value. This animation is popular in 180 countries. In China, it has been viewed for almost 60 billion times and attracted 3 million followers on Tik Tok. Its emoji package on WeChat has been used for 430 million times and it has more than 2,000 types of peripheral products.

During this crossover and IP digitization of “Larva”, xNFT will strengthen its infrastructure status in NFT intelligent blockchain system, provide more accessible, extensible and readable NFT data sources for more users and NFT projects and build the bridge between assets in real world and encrypted digitization. xNFT focuses on the blockchain NFT market and provides an integrated functional platform. Through introducing the huge number of fans in real world of “Larva”, it will create the user experience with no difference from existing Internet application and enable trouble-free use of blockchain products. This will be the Web 3.0 new experience of “Technology is Art, Art is Life.”

xNFT Protocol is a protocol that supports NFT transactions. In addition to the common NFT auction transactions, xNFT Protocol provides users with “Public Mystery Box”. This function is completely algorithm based, and the auction price is calculated in real time. The price of the Public Mystery Box does not need to be manually set by the seller and the buyer.

At xNFT platform, you can mint NFT with one click and upload your digital artworks, then hang out it.

In addition to the trading infrastructure, xNFT has also developed the world’s first NFT wallet, DigiCenter. Several top NFT projects have settled in. The xNFT coimmunity is committed to building infrastructure in the NFT market. In addition to DigiCenter, they have also studied the development of a series of products, including xNFT Oracle, xNFT Marketcap, xNFT bank, xNFT Park, etc.

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