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6 min readFeb 22, 2022

Guest: Seventeen.eth, Co-founder and CMO of Xoasis.io
Host: Andy of HECO

Introduction — Segment I

Welcome, Seventeen.eth. Could you tell us about yourself? What did you do before and why did you choose to start Xoasis?

Hello everyone , nice to meet you here. Before I establish Xoasis, I was a PUNK NFT collector, I have been in NFT 4 years, and collected over 3000ETH NFT, such as several rarity PUNK. We also own the 12*12 and 6*6 in Sandbox. I believe NFT is the assets entry to metaverse. The way of our life have changed badly Because of the Covid-19, we need a new connection with other in the future, So I start the project Xoasis to bring people into the crypto digital world, so called metaverse.

Q&A — Segment II

1. Could you tell us more about your project? In other words, what does Xoasis do?

Thank you for having me. Hello everyone,Xoasis is a World Class Metaverse Project consist of Five Blocks:

All-in-one Commercial Centre
Real-time Sports Betting
NFT Art Galleria and All-Day Press meetings

80% of the Tax fee from X-OASIS NFT Market will be distributed to DAO, remaining 20% will be used to R&D. The rest of the land and urban areas will be open to anyone to build.

NO player №1, To be the Host.Our ideologist is to build together, strengthening the Community.No entity/individual can build a home. Xoasis is project that dedicated to be inspiration for other Metaverse projects to create things that benefits the majority of the society.It is a project that belongs to all the potential staking holders.This is also what difference us from the others. What is harmony look like?Define the happiest place. Let’s build it!

2.There are many similar out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about xoasis compared to other projects?

I think the unique and special point of Xoasis is that we are committed to build the metaverse together. NO player №1, To be the Host. We are currently supporting the Five Blocks’ construction, and it will be opened to the public and supported by DAO members at a later stage.

After building the infrastructure, we will introduce some famous KOLs and IPs to join us on different blocks. We will provide land for them, and help them to complete the construction in our entire ecology.

3.Could you give us some info about Xoasis’s Ecology?

Sure, let me take GameFi-STEAM IN METAVERSE as an example. We are the “Steam” in Metaverse. All GameFi can easily complete the upgrade and implementation with our ecological assistance. We will provide a unified platform token and NFT technology for supporting the metaverse development of game companies. At the same time, a large number of game applications will help the original NFT on our platform with an unparalleled full-application. At present, a 3A masterpiece is ready for online experience (which can be demonstrated).

In addition, we have a close partnership with DCL, the world’s top Metaverse company, and held the world’s first Metaverse Music Festival, as well as the Dragon City Music Festival for Chinese New Year. We will dedicate to improve the venues to Hollywood and Broadway-level for top stars worldwide. Meanwhile, we will issue NFTs and deliver them to users around the world.

4.Can you tell us more about the role of Sandbox 12x12 land?

We owned 12x12 & 6x6 lands in Sandbox. Comparing with other current NFT/ Metaverse, our project is much more advanced as we have already purchased and prepared for our users before the project starts, they don’t need to buy after mint. In the future, part of the land interest and construction benefits will be used for Xoasis DAO funding to build the Xoasis ecosystem and purchase the blue-chip NFT from the market. AT the same time, our users also enjoy the entertainment, social and other services in the sandbox.

5.It sounds like you are well prepared for the users. And your DAO organization sounds different from other projects, can you elaborate more?

Of course, xoasis is a cosmic home built by everyone, you can understand it as no project owner and all the land resource belongs to community or co-builder. For example, the projects we have already cooperated with, or the blue-chip NFT, we will prepare their own land and let these holders build their own communities and applications on it. Each community will have the DAO of these holders for voting governance. At the end, the governance of Xoasis will be jointly decided by DAO organizations formed by these various communities. Hence, we are going to bring all kinds of applications, players, and projects in the world to build the home of Xoasis, we want to call it DAO OF DAO.

6.The concept of dao of dao is refreshing to us. Can you tell us more on roadmap planning?

Thanks for the host, Xoasis launched in January 2021, after a year of preparation, we are not only staying on the roadmap. We will offer a unique experience for our pass users. X-osais is combined with 5 blocks, we will start with the Gamefi section, our first 3a-level game in the ecosystem, we will announced very soon. At this moment, we are at the physical demonstrated stage. This will be groundbreaking and unique in the metaverse or gamefi market. Users will have the permission to test this game after mint our first batch of NFT PASS.

7.What scenarios will PASS be used in the future metaverse?

There is only 11,111 Oasis pass, those who have this pass are allowed to Xoasis Metaverse and become First Xoasis.
The most exciting benefit is THE ACCESS PASS TO OUR FISRT AAA GAME.,
and of cause, privilege in all our future events and airdrops.
Being First Xoasis, you enjoy at least free mint Hominid,
staking with $Ocean (Governance token) as reward in exchange for Warrior.
Warrior is a 3D version of your Hominid, a virtual identity of you in the Xoasis Metaverse.

A. free mint Hominid
B. free mint Warrior
C. becoming governors in XOD (Xoasisi DAO), and numerous features such as NFT staking

We build a Metaverse to allow creativity to flourish, to capture growth and opportunity.
Stay tuned for the latest development and benefits.

8.What is the date of the public Sales? What is the privilege of being whitelisted?

We may not list Hominid for public sale.
X-oasis remain a closed and private community at this stage.
And as for the whitelisting, you could find it in our AMA, collab activities and discord.
Being whitelisted, you can enjoy 10% off on Oasis Pass and a 100% guarantee successful mint rate.
We will count down the sale 5 days before the sale.
Follow our community
Website : https://xoasis.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xoasis_mst?s=21
Discord : https://discord.gg/xoasis
Opensea: https://opensea.io/7seventeen-eth

9.Please tell us more about the team behind Xoasis

Founded and invested by 17capital,Xoasis is a metaverse built by seasoned talents from gaming, crypto and marketing from Europe, USA and around the world.We are also talking with other excellent investment institutions recently and will disclose them at the right time.We all believe in passion and dreams, and our dream is that no matter where you from, poor or rich, you can have your home in the oasis of Xoasis.

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