HECO AMA Series Recap — xNFT


Speaker: Hello everyone,I am one of the early volunteers of xNFT. I have worked in Silicon Valley for many years. Today I will share with you some understanding of NFT and an introduction to xNFT Protocol.

Questions and Answers

Q1: Could you tell us more about your project? In other words, what does xNFT do?

In addition to the trading infrastructure, xNFT has also developed the world’s first NFT wallet ,Digi Center. Several top NFT projects have settled in. The xNFT coimmunity is committed to building infrastructure in the NFT market. In addition to Digi Center, they have also studied the development of a series of products, including xNFT Oracle, xNFT Marketcap, xNFT bank, xNFT Park, etc.

At present, it has received strategic investment from Huobi Ventures. Other investors include LD Capital, Fundamental Labs, GateioLabs, LinkVC, etc.

Q2: There are many similar out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about xNFT compared to other projects?

Q3: Great, could you give us some info on the xNFT Token?

xNFT Protocol adopts a dual-token mechanism, among which: XNFT (xNFT Token) is kind of governance token, with a fixed total of 100 million, and will never be issued, 30% of which is used for mining output, 22% for financing, and 12% for community incentives, 4% for airdrops, 4% for legal and advisory services, 10% for R&D expenditures, 8% for market expenditures, and 10% for ecosystem expenditures . XNP (xNFT Point) is mining incentive points. The total amount is unlimited. Sellers and buyers who make market or trade in xNFT Protocol will get XNP mining incentives. XNP is not transferable. Users can only obtain XNP through one-way Swap. The pool converts it to XNFT.

The xNFT Protocol supports multiple chains, so any public chain may deploy XNP mining output, but only the exchange contract between XNP and XNFT will be deployed on one public chain, and only XNFT tokens will be deployed on one public chain.

XNP produced by other public chains needs to be cross-chain exchanged into XNP. 85% of the output per minute of XNFT will be dropped into the one-way swap pool of XNP and XNFT at a constant rate, and the current real-time exchange ratio between XNP and XNFT is calculated according to the constant product algorithm.

Q4: What would be one’s motive to hold xNFT tokens? What can we do with $xNFT?

Q5:Governments of many countries have become more and more stringent in their supervision of the crypto market. What about the impacts on NFTs?

Q6: Many IPs are embracing NFT. When it comes to IP, what are the applications of NFT in which areas are the most promising?Stars, finance, games, art, copyright, or else?

To give an example, many of the top players have seen that in the future ,the assets of the virtual world need to become a kind of existence with high consensus, circulation and value. NFT naturally plays such a role, although it is not sure how long the day will come. To realize the real-world experience of Metaverse, it seems that NFT is the most likely

asset as the subject of assets, with the advancement of technology ,combining the two factors, the conditon is qualified to greatly accelerate the arrival of this day.

As for the encrypted artwork , it was originally used as a medium for artists to express themselves. No matter how volatile the market is, its scarcity is unique, and its value will rise.

Q7:These examples given by Loyi are very vivid and easy to understand. For ordinary investors, which are the most valuable NFT tracks and how should they be judged?

When all sections of the entire NFT track develop well, you will find that we have been focusing on building the entire ecosystem infrastructure to empower the entire NFT. Keep paying attention to us, and you will know which track is the most worthy of investment~

Q8:How do you guarantee users’ asset security?

Q9:If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

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