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4 min readNov 24, 2021


Guest: Ant Song from WeStarter

Host: Andy from HECO

Introduction — Segment I

Host : Welcome, Ant Song. Could you tell us about yourself? What did you do before WeStarter and why did you choose to work for WeStarter?


Hello, I’m Ant Song from WeStarter, I’ve been involved in the core technology development of several blockchain projects.

I chose to join WeStarter because it has the conditions to be a good primary market product, its positioning is very accurate and has the space for sustainable development, I will talk about the specific advantages later, so I won’t go into more details here first.

Introduction — Segment II

Question 1: Could you tell us more about your project? In other words, what does WeStarter do?

WeStarter is a cross-chain token distribution platform for early projects on multiple blockchains such as ETH, BSC, HECO, etc.

We try our best to find the new good projects and support these teams. On the other hand, WeStarter is a platform for all investors to find interesting new projects.

Question 2: Could you give us some info on the WAR Token?

Sure, WAR is the native token of WeStarter, can be used for get into DAO Pool, getting whitelist (Hold 10000 WAR can get whitelist). Also, there is a big news that we launch on Huobi Global yesterday.

Question 3: There are many similar out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about WeStarter compared to other projects?

First, we have a perfect mechanism, Investors can join IWO(Initial WeStarter Offering) in different ways.

The IWO swap mechanism is mainly divided into four types, including:

1. Public swap pool,

2. Whitelist pool

3. WAR SVIP whitelist pool

4. Flash swap

Secondly, we have strict audit system. Only the best projects can be selected by WeStarter.

Finally, WeStarter is not just a final sale for the IWO projects.WeStarter can support, incubate these related projects. That is why so many projects want to be listed on WeStarter.

Question 4: What would be one’s motive to hold WAR tokens? What can we do with $WAR ?

Like I said hold WAR can help people to join the LP mining to make benefits, can help people join the community management. WAR is a coin with value. The WeStarter platform’s value will support the value of WAR. And WAR can enhance the platform also. This ecosystem is double cycle structure so the progress can be made continuously.

Live questions — Segment III



You know what’s coming, live questions session. We will have a live questions session in which you have a chance to ask the XXX team anything.

The prize for this session will be WAR tokens worth $100 , this session consists of 3–6 questions being picked, so the prize per question is $20 in $WAR (if your question is picked).

Please add #AMAwithWeStarter in the message!

Q 1: Does your tokens have farming and staking usages and if yes what APR do you give to us?Does Your project have farming and staking usages and if yes what APR do you give to us?#AMAwithWeStarter


Welcome guys staking $WAR in our WAR dao svip pool, the users who staking war in this pool could get quailfication of whitelist pool, also the APY is really high now

Q2: What are WeStarter’s future plans #AMAwithWeStarter


With the rise of the concept of “metaverse”, the field of blockchain games has demonstrated unprecedented explosive power. WeStarter will subsequently support more GameFi projects and launch a NFT trading marketplace for blockchain game equipment and NFT trading.

With its powerful influence and the vigorous development of emerging markets, We should see more anticipated chemical reactions in WeStarter.

DAO governance

With the addition of DAO governance, the usage of the WeStarter platform token WAR will be activated and expanded. The value of token will also be enhanced. The community will become more stable.

Public blockchain deployment

As a cross-chain swap platform, WeStarter will gradually deploy on all high-profile public blockchains, public blockchains with explosive potential, game public blockchains, etc. to provide swap opportunities for all projects and users.

Q 3: How can the community contribute to the progress of your project? Do you have a Governance model? Is there and ambassadors or bug bounty or contest we can assist in so as to enable further adoption?#AMAwithWeStarter


With the addition of DAO governance, the usage of the WeStarter platform token WAR will be activated and expanded. The value of token will also be enhanced. The community will become more stable. the users who hold the $WAR could recommend projects for us, if we launch that project, the user can get whitelist directly, that could help gain the motivation of the community.

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