HECO AMA Series Recap — StartFi

Guest: Komy — CEO of StartFi ; Rob — CTO of StartFi

Host: Andy from HECO

Introduction — Segment I

Welcome, Komy and Rob. Could you tell us about yourself? What did you do before StartFi, and why did you choose to work for StartFi?

Komy: I am the CEO of StartFi, I have more than 17 years experience in the Tech industry, taking it from software development to building multiple startups throughout the years. I started mining BTC in 2013, daily crypto trader since 2016, I moved to blockchain industry in 2017 with a payment system startup built on the Stellar network. I also funded some blockchain, fintech & ecommerce startups myself.
Currently I’m committing full time to StartFi, because I see a brilliant future for NFT in the content creation industry.

Rob:I am the CTO of StartFi. I have known Mo and worked together in the Blockchain world for almost 3 years now. I live and work full time in Canada. I am an enterprise architect with extensive experience as a software developer and solution architect. Aside from my job as an enterprise architect, I am very passionate about Blockchain. I strongly believe that Blockchain is the future. I am already seeing it disrupting mature solutions in the government of Canada. This is huge if you know how governments work. I believe in two things. Process and distributive technologies. Both put you on the right track to evolve and succeed. That is exactly why I am here today.

Introduction — Segment II

Q1: Could you tell us more about your project? In other words, what does StartFi do?

A1:StartFi is a content creators and owners management solution. StartFi’s mission is to provide a platform that can enable content creators (like books, games, educational series, paintings, stories, and much more) and consumers to effectively and easily manage their content. We are aiming to build a platform that can be easily navigated and utilized by both individuals as well as teams that are kicking off their projects. You really don’t need to be tech savvy or deeply understand how blockchain works in order to harness your content on the StartFi platform.

With our NFT Launchpad for example, artists, who are not tech savvy, will need to only worry about submitting their art NFT collection with all their business requirements like price, targeted marketplace, and then they can sit back and watch StartFi platform taking care of the hard parts like generating and deploying the smart contract, connecting the minting API, uploading assets to distributed storage like IPFS, and providing a location for the interested users to participate in the artist’s Initial NFT Offering (INO) campaign using any web3 wallet like MetaMask. Simply put, StartFi is the one stop shop for individuals and projects to start NFT campaigns and raise funds.

Q2: There are many similar projects out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about StartFi compared to other projects?

A2:StartFi solves real world problems that a lot of individuals and projects face. Onboarding NFTs is sophisticated. You need to worry about finding a technical team that you can trust for building your business smart contracts, you need to find reputable auditing services, you need to think about marketing, growth hacking, having a stage to present your ideas as well as NFTs, you need building a website. There is a lot to do. This could take a few months to do. If you submit your project to StartFi launchpad, and your project is accepted. Then congratulations, your Initial NFT offering (INO) will be live in a matter of days! Simply put, StartFi is the one stop shop for individuals and projects to start NFT campaigns and raise funds.

Q3: Great, could you give us some info on the StartFi Token?

A3:Our token will be used as a Utility token, the users will use it on Marketplace, Whitelisting in Launchpad, later on we will apply the governance protocol to give the token holders the right to approve projects/Creators arts on Launchpad.
Holders will get some exclusive NFTs on our upcoming farm product, which will be more interesting than ever.

Q4: What would be one’s motive to hold StartFi tokens? What can we do with $STFI ?

A4:All our services will be around the STFI token (as a utility token), once we publish the upcoming products.
Rewards and percentages of revenue will be distributed to token holders, as well as redeeming rare & ultimate NFTs from super stars we are working with. It’s all about holding some cheap token for a great product under the hood.

Q5:What are your main competitors or comparable projects?

A5:There’s a lot of NFT marketplaces out there, OpenSea, Rarable, most of these competing in the marketplace industry with focus on mass items. Unlike these projects, StartFi will focus more on building a user-friendly launchpad that is both blockchain agnostic and marketplace agnostic! We have invested intensively in building a scalable and extensible launchpad platform that can launch Initial NFT Offering collections on various marketplaces across different EVM compatible blockchain networks.StartFi Launchpad is the first INO launchpad announced in Crypto & NFT industry. It will be one of the top targets for innovative projects and content creators to raise funds and engage their communities (NFT games, Digital Art, Metaverse worlds, and more).

Q6: Any toughest challenges over project development? and how does your team address them?

A6:How many platforms have you visited & then left without understanding what they actually offer? Tech savvy individuals might get it, but the majority of people won’t. This is a huge problem in the blockchain world these days. Users should not require tutorials to understand how a platform works. If a twelve years old kid opens your platform & gets your idea, browses & creates a digital asset, then lists it for sale on an early version of beta, then that means you’re doing something right. This is brilliant.

What I just described actually happened! We did this experiment. We hired a UX/UI designer who is from outside the blockchain world. He had never used crypto or blockchain apps before himself. We provided the UX/UI designer with the business requirements, and he developed the platform design. The little girl was introduced to the website. After browsing the platform quickly, she said: “This website is making money from selling photos”. Huge success!

Q7: If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

A7:Empowering! Startfi is an NFT Game Changer.
StartFi’s mission is “empowering” all everyone (tech savvy or not) to bring their ideas and projects into the NFT world. We are working to scale the StartFi platform to accommodate all content creators (artists, game developers, athletes, musicians, etc.) to launch their NFTs on different marketplaces on different blockchain networks.

Q8: How do you guarantee users’ asset security?

A8:Security is one of our high priorities. We just finished our security audit for the platform smart contract, & signed a long term agreement with a talented security company to review our code, and generate reports. Also, we make sure that users’ information is not stored in a central location where it could become an easy target for hackers. Users’ information, assets, and metadata is always distributed and replicated. This means overwriting users data or corrupting it is not possible.

Q9:Awesome. Anything else you guys would like to add before we go into the live questions session?

A9:We would like to thank all the people here, it’s an honor to be hosted here in this great community.

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