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4 min readMar 30, 2022

Guest:Dan Magic, CMO of PlatoFarm
Host:Andy of HECO

Introduction — Segment I

Welcome, Dan. Could you tell us about yourself?

Hi, I am Dan Magic, CMO of PlatoFarm. Very happy to attend this AMA.

Q&A — Segment II

1.Could you tell us more about your project? In other words, what does PlatoFarm do?

PlatoFarm is a metaverse game that applies blockchain technology to enable the iterative evolution of a simulated human civilization. Through the hard work of the players, they build a barbaric land into a civilized and rich modern home, earning MARK and PLATO tokens, which can then be used to turn their barren land into a thriving city and thus pioneer an interstellar civilization.

2.There are many similar out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about Plato Farm compared to other projects?

Unlike other blockchain games that are difficult to operate, players need to use third party wallets or tools to play. Plato Farm has an all-in-one App that integrates game, wallet management, swap, and mining functions.

And PlatoFarm has a unique function-Free Social To Earn, users who do not have our token and NFT can also play the game.

3.Great, could you give us some info on the PLATO Token?

The quantity of PLATO remains constant at 10 billion tokens. It is both the game platform token and a kind of status symbol. The more PLATO players hold, the higher their level is. Players can obtain PLATO through trading in the secondary market or MARK staking. Rare NFT items and basic production materials such as land, factories, and farms must be exchanged for PLATO. For advanced levels or to unlock more game content, players need to hold a certain amount of PLATO. At the same time, fifty percent of the team’s revenue will be burned to maintain a certain degree of deflation.

4.Can you talk about IEO the of Plato Farm?

Currently the IEO Whitelisting Event application is ongoing, and the IEO will start on April 8th and our token will be listed on exchange soon.

IEO information

Plato Farm will partner with multiple platforms to launch its IEO on April 8, 2022. (The detailed name list will be officially announced on Twitter in early April.)

Total PLATO supply: 10,000,000,000 PLATO

PLATO supply for the IEO: to be announced in the IEO partners’ official website

Price: 0.02 USDT per token

Fixed quota per participant: 100 USDT

Vesting period: No vesting period

IEO function: create and promote the liquidity of MARK tokens

Token distribution: the day after the IEO (at 00:00 PST time)

Whitelist Event Introduction

Application time: 19 March — 7 April, 2022

Users who complete the following tasks will be eligible to enter the whitelist to purchase the IEO tokens.

After the launch of the IEO, whitelisted users need to visit the platforms to snap up the PLATO tokens on the basis of first-come, first-served. The details of the purchase process will be announced later.

Campaign Tasks

Users who complete all the following tasks will have the opportunity to get the Plato Farm IEO Whitelist, you can go to get the link in our twitter.

1. Gleam tasks:

2. Level up to Lv.5 in the Plato Farm Game.

5.Can you share some information about Global Airdrop Event?

Sure. The first anniversary of the PlatoFarm game is in the coming April. Ever since its launch, PlatoFarm has been upholding the Ideal Kingdom of Plato, spreading the spirit of blockchain autonomy, and insisting on DAO governance of the community. Now, the DAO community has decided to contribute all the 1.5 billion DAO governance tokens on the anniversary, and airdrops them to all members who have contributed to PlatoFarm over the past year!

we will airdrop 1.5 billion PLATO tokens to all #NFT Holders, all Game Participants, all Eco-contributors.

6.If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?


In the past half year, we have accumulated a lot of users and community members, also, the game supports many chains now. We are keep going and improving, continuous to develop more functions. Meanwhile, we are going to be list o exchange soon.

7.How do you guarantee users’ asset security?

Our project has passed the audit of Fairyproof, including the project audit, token audit and vesting contract audit.

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