Guest: Ronn, COO of NEXTYPE
Host: Andy of HECO

Introduction — Segment I

Today with us we have Ronn from NEXTYPE! Welcome, Ronn! Could you tell us about yourself? What did you do before NEXTYPE and why did you choose to work for NEXTYPE?

Ronn: Hey, thanks for having me here to hold this AMA! Glad to be speaking with the HECO community.

I’m Ronn, COO of NEXTYPE. Before working at NEXTYPE, I have 10 years’ experience in a famous game company, in which I was in charge of the operation of more than ten games. Some of them are truly successful and the MAU is up to 1 million.

I chose to work at NEXTYPE because I find blockchain fascinating. Moreover, I believe DeFi and NFT are going to revolutionize the traditional game industry.

Q&A— Segment II

Q1: Could you tell us more about your project? In other words, what does NEXTYPE do?

Ronn: Thanks. As I said before, we define NEXTYPE as the cross-chain GAME+NFT+DeFi integrated application ecology, which will create more efficient and freer NFT swapping protocols for the blockchain world and provide users with high-quality blockchain game Dapps.

In fact, NEXTYPE not only needs to complete the underlying technical support and the self-research of blockchain games, but also provides an ecological platform for partners to participate in co-construction, co-governance, and co-sharing.

To realize this mission, we will launch 8–10 self-developed games with various themes and playing methods in this year, and link at least 10 cooperative games to construct NEXTYPE Games matrix.

We will also develop 2 protocols which could improve the dilemma of NFT transaction. And protocols will realize the multi form swap between NFT and NFT, NFT and FT, and storage、exchange and circulation of NFT among different chains. So, the partners developing their own games on different chains could join NEXTYPE conveniently.

NEXTYPE always welcomes the blockchain game developers, KOLs, institutions, communities and others who might be interested in blockchain games to join us and jointly promote ecological development.

Q2: There are many similar out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about NEXTYPE compared to other projects?

Ronn: Yes indeed, there are many projects in the NFT, Gaming and DeFi field. And some of them have made some progress. But what I want to share about NEXTYPE is the combination. We used DeFi to design our games, for example, staking in MiningTycoon. You can choose USDT single Token or USDT+NT double Token staking. Of course, the APR of the latter is higher, which will exceed 240% in the beginning of the game.

And NFT in NEXTYPE will not just be a collection, we will create interesting mechanisms to combine with games. The launch date of NFT Master will be determined by the NFT collection in MiningTycoon. In advanced mining pools, players could mine NFT through staking. So, we will break 1 great art into 1000 pieces. Each piece corresponds to an NFT, which will be randomly distributed in each mining pool. When the collection of 1000 pieces is completed, NFT Master will be officially launched. This is just one example, there are more fun scenarios for the combination between NFT and Game in NEXTYPE.

Besides, we will focus on the blockchain game field completely, and will provide an entrance for players to reach blockchain games with NT GameBox.

To sum up, NEXTYPE hopes to offer a blockchain game platform which is high in proficiency and low in cost. We are trying to define a new form of blockchain game for the next generation.

Q3: Great, could you give us some info on the $NT Token?

Ronn: NT is the ecological token of NEXTYPE. The main purpose of NT is to be used as motivation, management, project development, and destruction around the NEXTYPE ecosystem. As the investors, liquidity providers, and players of NEXTYPE ecosystem, NT token will allow them to enter all kinds of application scenarios.

This is the distribution of NT, the total supply is 1,000,000,000, and 70% will be used as mining rewards.

Q4: What would be one’s motive to hold $NT tokens? What can we do with $NT?

Ronn: As you can see in this picture, NT plays a very important role in the ecosystem. And we created a variety of scenarios for NT consumption:

Stake: As previously mentioned, the players can gain extra yields from all kinds of games presented or supported by NEXTYPE through staking their NT.

Game Consumption: Every game launched by NEXTYPE next will set NT recharge function. Players need to use NT to purchase NFT, props or other value assets in the game, to realize NT buybacks and increase NT value.

DAO Governance: Players could participate in the NEXTYPE Governance by NT voting.

Burn: We will implement a burning mechanism, in the future, 15% of each week’s yields, generated by the MiningTycoon and other cooperative games, will be bought back from the secondary market to burn. And the upper limit of burning is 20% of the NT total supply volume.

With all these consumption scenarios, NT circulation will continue to decrease, while the price will continue to rise.

Q5:Could you introduce MiningTycoon, the initial game of NEXTYPE?

Ronn: Thanks for your questions. First, I have good news to share with you guys about MiningTycoon. That is, the whitelist reservation of the game exceeds 30K. Users with whitelist qualification would have a pre-order chance to buy $NT in low price and the pre-order will be started at 8:00 PM SGT today, which means there are only 5 hours to go. You could join our group to get the latest updates: https://t.me/nextypegroup

Now, let’s talk about MiningTycoon itself.

MiningTycoon is aimed at developing an interesting game with the properties of games and blockchain, which is developed in the path of traditional games. For example, we use the LAYA engine to develop the client and build a complete system for players’ growth while adding DeFi in the economy system.

MiningTycoon uses virtual mining as a core game method. In addition to NT reward, mining will also produce other buff props, such as Mining License, which is an essential prop to participate in the high-level BTC mining pool. Players can collect and stake the Mining License to get BTC every day. In the future, players can get NFT through staking mining.

Another innovation about MiningTycoon is cooperative mining pool, which means high-quality projects can have their own mining pool through the cooperation with NEXTYPE. And players can also get other projects’ tokens in MiningTycoon.

Q6: Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform?

Ronn: Obviously, HECO is our most prominent partner. And I want to thank HECO again for such great support. Last Saturday, we jointly launched Global Genesis Airdrop with HECO to distribute $5000 valued $NT, and there are more than 20K users participating until now.

Besides, we have reached strategic cooperation with SeeSea Japan, a well-known Japanese company, and Quaras, a subsidiary of Fuji Media. This is an important milestone for us to enter the Japanese IP market. Including some well-known anime IPs, we have signed up with more than 1000 IP units covering the mainstream IP from China, the US, Japan, and other countries. These cooperative IPs will generate a variety of NFTs on chains in the form of various derivatives. And it will become a value bridge between games and other application scenarios.

And we have been formally invited to join the BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance). So far, BGA has attracted more than 100 well-known institutions such as Ubisoft, AMD, and Aave, Opensea, Metamask, Matic. We will work with BGA and its members to promote the application and development of blockchain in the game’s fields.

Besides, the CMO of NEXTYPE, Uncle David, who has over 20 million fans on the global video sharing apps, started a global warming-up campaign. Viewers of game videos released on Tik Tok exceeded 60K, covering nearly one million users.

Q7: Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what resultsNEXTYPE has achieved so far? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for NEXTYPE?

The first and most important is that the whitelist reservation of MiningTycoon exceeds 30K. That is a great milestone and means a lot to us. The reservation is still available now, click the bot to start now @NEXTYPEairdropbot

And there are other achievements as follows:

1.Financing is to be completed, we will share the good news later

2.The smart contracts has been audited by CERTIK

3.We have been formally invited to join the BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance)

4.We have reached strategic cooperation with SeeSea Japan, a well-known Japanese company, and Quaras, a subsidiary of Fuji Media. And we have signed up with more than 1000 IP units

As for plans in 2021, we are going to work in two main aspects:


As I said earlier, the initial game, MiningTycoon, will be launched within 1 month and the pre-order of the game will be available in a few hours. I hope you won’t miss that because players with qualification will have a chance to get $NT and other game props.

Except for MiningTycoon, we will also launch 8–10 self-developed games with various themes and playing methods in this year and cooperate with at least 10 games to create NEXTYPE games matrix and build a comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain games.


We have made a good start in cooperation with the Japanese market. Next, we will continue to develop more market cooperation, such as KOLs, communities and other institutions that will help us.

And if everything is going well, we will plan to promote $NT to the Exchanges this year.

Q8: If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

The word I would use to describe NEXTYPE is ‘AMBITIOUS’.

NEXTYPE is trying to define the new form of next-gen blockchain game, which is not easy. We have seen many blockchain games recently, but some of them cannot even be called ‘games’ because of terrible game experience and poor gameplay. We want to improve this dilemma.

MiningTycoon is our first game. I promise you that it is worth playing. The specific details I have explained before and we are confident about its quality. But because of these tough market conditions, we really need to reach more players. We welcome these new users from HECO to join us. The pre-order of MiningTycoon will start in 6 hours, where you can buy $NT and other game props at an initial price. Don’t miss that.

Q9: How do you guarantee users’ asset security?

Ronn:Security of users’ assets is our top priority.

Our project is running on HECO, and in the future, it will be crossed chain to other public chains. So basic security will be guaranteed by those public chains.

In the game, all the staking and output were executed by smart contracts. And these smart contracts have been audited by CERTIK, which means the security of players’ property is guaranteed also.

So, the users of NEXTYPE will not face security issues.

Q10: Awesome. Anything else you guys would like to add before we go into the live questions session?

Ronn: We look forward to having HECO users play our games. As I mentioned before, your support means a lot to us, especially for a game project. Even if you are not so much interested in games, you could give it a try also because of the high yields.

I need to emphasize it again that the pre-order will start in 6 hours and MiningTycoon will be launched within 1 month. So stay tuned for that.

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