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Head of Business Development :Gianfranco Filice
Business Development:Zoe Enright
Andy of HECO

Introduction — Segment I

Welcome, Gianfranco Filice & Zoe Enright. Could you tell us about yourself? What did you do before AQUANEE and why did you choose to work for AQUANEE?

My name is Gianfranco. I graduated from Stanford University, and I have a background working at McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, and Technology investment banking.

I decided to work with Aquanee because I love the innovation of the project in the game space, and the team has such a strong and great background to be successful.

My name is Zoe. I graduated from an Ivy League school, Dartmouth College, and I have a background in traditional finance and consulting. I decided to work for Aquanee because I think the game is fascinating and very innovative. I have strong confidence in Aquanee’s ability to be successful, given the team’s depth of experience in the gamefi space.

Q&A — Segment II

  1. Could you tell us more about your project? In other words, what does AQUANEE do?

AQUANEE, a real-time combat simulation game (SLG) for blockchain gamers. An ecosystem that includes games, DEX, NFT markets, and an upcoming public chain encompass the project. AQUANEE is inspired by sea creatures, which allows players to hatch and cultivate pets and earn tokens (NEE).

AQUANEE games will be launched at the same time with features such as reproduction, evolution, PVE, PVP, territory boss, tournaments, etc. AQUA can explore the world alone, or team up to fight against other players or territory bosses. Players can collect, nurture, fight and build an AQUANEE kingdom for their pet AQUA.

AQUAs are minted into NFTs. In the game, players can collect AQUAs and other NFT assets. There will be functions like trading, renting, and auctioning. In the liquid assets of the game, the combination of blockchain technologies, NFT, and GameFi functions will promote the positive development of the game’s ecosystem.

Blockchain’s decentralization feature also makes DAO possible within the game’s ecosystem. It is an interesting feature for the players and investors. Also, the time and effort they pay into this game will become valuable, making “Play to Earn” possible.

AQUANEE’s initial assets and contracts were built on the EVM public chain. When the game ecosystem development is more mature, the AQUA public chain will be adopted after the community vote, providing players with cheaper GAS fees and faster TPS. At the same time, it will support more cross-chain cooperation.

2.There are many similar games out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about AQUANEE compared to other projects?

We are the only pure Unity-based 3D game. We have some of the most spectacular, industry standard NFT artwork and in-game graphics. Beyond the art, the team brings over 10 years of experience in game development, solidifying our confidence in making a high quality, long-term game.

Additionally, we have a unique economic growth system that is driven by social gameplay and map exploration, which gives each player the chance to develop their skill-set and earn points.

For the first time, Aquanee is opening up the game to a select few of outsiders to complete internal testing. The features of the game allow for traveling the map, engaging in guild wars, and finding different hidden games within the map.

3.Could you give us some info on the AQUANEE Token?

We have two tokens, (1) Nee and (2) AQDC. Nee is used for game consumption and AQDC is used for ecological governance. AQDC can be purchased on DEX and CEX (in the future) and is more of a utility token, whereas NEE is most similar to Smooth Love Potion in Axie Infinity.

4.What would be one’s motive to hold AQDC tokens? What can we do with $AQDC ?

Force Stones(NEE)

1/ When reproducing, [NEE] will be consumed. The number of [NEE] consumed will increase as you reproduce more AQUAs, however, the [NEE] required for each phase are different.

Before reaching the Universe Phase, all AQUAs can evolve to the next phase. The evolution requires a consumable item [Star Power(AQDC)] and an AQUA of the same phase. The higher the phase, the more [Star Power(AQDC)] will be consumed. After the evolution, the AQUA’s all attributes will be increased.

Nee is used for game consumption and aqdc is used for ecological governance

AQDC can be purchased on DEX and CEX (in the future) and is more of a utility token, whereas NEE is most similar to Smooth Love Potion in Axie Infinity.

5.What objectives are you planning to achieve in 2022 ?

We are working to develop authentic and approved applications for iOS, Android, and STEAM ecosystems, to ensure we get as many players as possible.
Gamefi’s core is games. We are a team with a background in traditional games. We think that fun games are always liked by players. Whether he or she is a traditional player or a chain player, the new token liquidity game will add new opportunities to the game, so more and more people will join and participate.
At this moment, it is the initial stage of the meta-universe, and AQUANEE is the wedge for us to enter the meta-universe. With the development of our layout, the current game mode may become outdated in a few years, but based on the uniqueness of DID in the meta-universe, there will be more interesting ways to play in aquan’s meta-universe.
Here’s a roadmap for this upcoming year, which includes AR/VR integration and metaverse development!

6.Will AQUANEE be easily accessible for the gamers who have no knowledge in Crypto currency also?

Yes, this game is for all levels of players from all backgrounds.. We have games for people who have no experience in crypto and no experience in gaming. In addition, we have games for individuals with more experience in crypto or gaming.

Definitely join us on our Public Beta, as it is open to register and people can experience the game on the HECO chain. There are also rewards to testers in the Ladder competitions for the TOP20 winners.

Reach Top 20 on Ladder Board to win rewards

7.We have learned that AQUANEE has the development based on HECO Chain. How are NFT sales arranged?

The game requires a player to buy a Mystery Box of NFTs to play the game, similar to Axie. We will be selling these Mystery Box NFTs of AQUAs (the cute, ocean creatures of the game) through various partnerships and through our website.

We are very glad that our system is a cross chain system, which supports mint and transaction of NFT on HECO and is very friendly to HECO users.

8.If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?


We believe community is the core pillar for any successful endeavor in Web3. We have so much fun engaging with players and building a true movement behind our game. We are successful because we lift each other up!

9.How do you guarantee users’ asset security?

We utilize independent auditors to determine the safety of our smart contracts. A lot of our engineers are some of the best engineers in Blockchain, so we work to ensure that our product safety is industry standard, if not better.

10.Anything else you guys would like to add before we go into the live questions session?

At present, we are conducting the public beta of heco chain. You can enter the game for testing before 0:00 Singapore time on the 24th. We have established a huge bonus to encourage you to participate in the public beta of the game. Now you can join our testing so you can add rewards and features that otherwise wouldn’t be available to later players. Everyone loves free perks!
If you find various bugs, please report to the official in time, and there will be separate rewards for submitting and confirming bugs or other valid suggestions at the earliest!

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